If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” Nikola Tesla

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The Energy of the Day empowers you to understand yourself energetically, heal and reconnect with the cycles of nature.

Increase your consciousness and vibrations as you evolve and contribute to spreading them back into the Earth.

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Understand your unique energies and how you are affected by external energies.

Identify the best way for your to make decisions and to optimise your energy levels.

[Re]connect with your Essence and the cycles of nature and see how you can practically use these to manifest your desired reality.

Remotely or in-person.



Heal your multi-dimensional self (covering your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and other subtle bodies), and activate your energetic potential.

Remotely or in-person.




Delve into the most appropriate time and space that is relevant for what you are going through right now, to learn lessons and heal, following the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

In-person only.

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Energy Coaching


I have had the pleasure of doing the Life Purpose Sessions with Stephanie – an intense journey that has helped me better understand myself / others  (from different dimensions), tune into my emotions, adopt a new decision making process, and learn, based on my own energies, the tools I have for navigating the challenges & experiences life throws at me! In the process, it has also enabled me to emotionally heal and grow into a stronger person with more self-love. The experience includes a session to set up a forward looking plan (with tailored actions I want to take forward) to help me continue the journey (this is the start of a new chapter – not the finish line!). Stephanie is a great professional with a great energy – and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to embark on a transformation journey!

Leticia, UK

Energy Healing


I just wanted to let you know that my energy has been notably improved yesterday and today 🌞

Like super charged🤍

Sallie, South Africa

Energy Coaching


I have had the pleasure of doing a human design reading with Stephanie where I understood better the different dimensions that impact my life. There are many instances where it have me an Aha! Moment and I recognize the little whispers that’s now confirmed. It gives me pointers to know where to be more confident with and areas where I need to pay attention to.  Overall, I came away feeling better about the choices I have made and know exactly what I need to focus on in the future. Stephanie is also very diligent with following up to see how I am doing afterwards. She also sent me human design report which is useful for me to refer back later on. Thank you so much Stephanie for your generous time and energy. I would highly recommend a meeting with Stephanie.

Kim, Canada

Energy Healing


I am feeling so much better… Even my bruises are on the mend 💓💓you are phenomenal!!

Lev, South Africa

Energy Coaching


Stephanie has helped me realise and accept. Realise because I understood with her why I feel what I feel, and accept because not everything in us has to change, and sometimes we have to accept and let the emotions flow!

Jihane, Spain

Energy Healing


Merci pour ton soin, c’était super !
Bien que je lutte contre un gros rhume je trouve que ma voix s’est libérée et j’ai beaucoup moins mal à la hanche et je me sens plus forte…

 Michèle, France

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Energy healer, spiritual hypnotist and intuitive coach focused on energy, spirituality, and the cycles of nature, I empower you to [re]connect with your essence so you live in line with who you really are.

I combine my gifts as a healer with my experience of more than two decades in financial services, sustainable development and corporate culture, to accompany you in your life and/or professional projects.

With love, respect, non-judgement and empathy, I will challenge your views and help you become more self-aware and conscious of how you interact with your environment. Our work will spark creativity and inspiration, and you will be confident to articulate your vision and work on an actionable plan to bring it to life.  

Wishing you a magical transformation journey, with much love and light 🧚‍♀️☀️💖

In Lak’esh, as the Mayas would say, which translates to ‘I am another yourself’ and resonates with the oneness that unites us.

Blue Galactic Hand

PS: intrigued by what this means? Check out our date decoder to find out what your energies of birth are; or reach out to book a discovery session.

Sessions and workshops in French and English.


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